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Q: How much does a forensic analysis cost?

 A: Digital forensics cover a wide number of devices and can contain an extensive amount of information. We base each                      estimate on the size and scope of the case.

 Q: How long does a forensic analysis take?

 A: Based on the device and the scope of the investigation it can take as little as a day and as long as 2 weeks.

 Q: What types of devices do you investigate?

 A: Smart Phones, Computers, Laptops, Email Accounts, Social Media Accounts, Electronic Storage Devices

 Q:What type of information can digital forensics find?

 A:We provide: Windows Activity & Artifact Recovery, Recycle Bin Recovery, Internet Activity, SMS/MMS Recovery, Location                 Tracking, File Timestamp Analysis, Call logs, Deleted File/Folder Search Recovery and much more.

 Q:What digital forensic tools do you use?

 A: Forensic Data Solutions uses industry leading software used by many law enforcement agents such as: Cellebrite for cell             phones and EnCase for computers.

 Q: Do you provide loaner cell phones?

 A: Arrangements can be made for loaner phones.

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